SwanOnThePond Recordings

Classical-Electronic, Ambient, Art Music and Avant-garde sound library

Works inclusive of composer R.Willow/Eltamin Pegase, S.O.T.P., and associates

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Eltamin Pegase is an ongoing swanonthepond recordings library project centered on classical-electronic, largely penned with traditional compositional notation with multiple electronic/digital processing techniques, influences or enhancements.

S.O.T.P. is an ongoing swanonthepond recordings library project centered on ambient, mixed acoustic, field recordings, spontaneous performed recording and improvisational collage/editing, or new compositional techniques.

SwanOnThePond Recordings also has works with various musical projects ranging from non-commercial preservation and compilation of obscure musicial works or reference, as well as new contemporary music that seeks to usually stretch beyond the mainstream and into the realm of Art. Some of these associated musical genres include: Classical-Electronic, Concert Music/Compositional, Computer Music, Art Rock, Musique concrète, Experimental, Soundtrack, Ambient, Dark Ambient/Industrial, Post-Rock, Electronic-Rock, Electronic, Modern Classical, Dub, Sound Collage, Alternative, Metal, Leftfield, Minimal, Minimal Techno, Synth and more.