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Welcome to the swanonthepond recordings repository online, where you can listen, sample and download entire albums in one preview-quality mp3 file. Some albums are free albums, some would ideally be supported with voluntary donations for the artists. If you enjoy the album, please considering supporting our label. There are also limited and periodic physical issues of certain albums, see album 'page.'

Send us your support, patronage or request high-quality albums with any reasonable donation (recommend at least a couple bucks per album). Donations will be used to keep works on our sites streaming, future music creation, and otherwise will help fund potential future physical releases.

Please share our site. Our works are only available direct. You can only get legit high-quality true copies of our content via our site. We are ok with legit sharing but not cool with either acts like covertly sponsoring political entities (like most platforms do) -or- by deceiving people with total fraud as some paid access sites do offering claims of possessing or listing 320k or lossless copies.

We have busted a few paid 'digital music' sites (with paid membership) claiming to offer downloads of FLAC/320k copies of our albums that we never even distributed or sold at the time! As of 2020, the only real source for authentic and lossless copies is via our own site, direct. And we offer them at a rational and considerate 'name-your-own' voluntary support model.

We are privacy-respecting using encrypted, secure email. If you are interested in our music, whether for personal listening, commission inquiries or performance usage -- you are very welcome to contact us.

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